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We would like to take the time to graciously thank each and every one of our customers, both existing and prospective, for taking the time and consideration to view our website, coverage, and considering our variety of electrical services that we have to offer.

Moreover, we proudly offer numerous electrical services including but not limited to residential electrical services, industrial electrical services, commercial electrical services, panel upgrades, diagnostics, preventative maintenance, lighting, breakers, fuses, panel installations, panel repairs, wiring, re-wiring, renovations, replacements, renovations, system installations, system designs, power outage assistance, inspections, and much more!

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We are dedicated to being here for our customers and are available Monday-Friday 6am-2pm and are committed to providing our customers with unbeatable electrical services. We are timely, reliable, and eager to assist our customers and community! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or would like to schedule a service, please fill out a service request forum or call us directly at (240) 632-0000. We look forward to helping you with any and all of your electrical needs!

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JKM Electric is committed to producing the highest quality products, maintaining lasting relationships, providing excellent service and maintaining a safe work environment.

*Please Note*
We are still available for electrical services on the weekends, however, the service fees are subject to change: 1.5x the normal rate on Saturdays and 2x the standard rate on Sundays.

Gaithersburg, MD 20879

(240) 632-0000

[email protected]

Mon-Fri: 6:00am-4:00pm
Sat & Sun: By Appointment


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